International Security with Brooke Stedman

“There is alot of pressure to have things figured out, to have a 5 year plan, a 10 year plan, and to really know what you want to do for the rest of your life; this is unrealistic and cuts off opportunities that you would have otherwise had. Instead, work to understand what you’re interested in… and search for different avenues that you would like to pursue.”

BROOKE STEDMAN is a fabulous international criminal lawyer and security analyst. I messaged WIIS on Facebook, she replied enthusiastically, and has mentored me in helping me launch this podcast — how’s that for the power of women working together! Her career advice is fantastic, particularly given her presence in the male dominated field of International Security.

Themes: security, international law, women’s rights

Takeaways: Don’t de-value yourself and learn quickly (immerse yourself in a topic you’re interested in). Keep raising your hand even if you don’t feel like you are being heard.

Brooke currently serves as Deputy Director of Women in International Security and is National Security Fellow at the Foundation For Defense of Democracies. You can follow her on Twitter @BrookeStedman.