The Non-State Actor in Diplomacy with Elizabeth Linder

“It pains me when I hear young women say that because they don’t have anyone to wander around with, they feel like they should just stay in their hotel. I would so much rather take myself to a restaurant, settle into a table for one, and soak up the atmosphere while I’m working… as opposed to staying back at a western hotel. I have met the most fascinating people and had the most interesting discussions simply by ensuring that I’m part of the environment in which I’m spending my time.”

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ELIZABETH LINDER is a prolific diplomat advising political representatives, government agencies, public administrations, and think tanks across the Europe, Middle East & Africa regions on how technology and governments can work together. I met her when she was a visiting lecturer for my Masters program and she always invites me to meet for tea whenever I’m in London. My favorite part of our interview is how she is encouraging us to get out there, introduce yourself, and never be afraid of being on your own. Her advice on how to successfully travel and work internationally will make you ready to pack your bags and jump on board!

Themes: politics, technology, cultural diplomacy

Takeaways: much of doing something in a foreign environment is finding the right kind of advisors to help you evaluate the space you are working in; be curious about foreign environments while staying true to yourself

Elizabeth Linder is Founder and CEO of The Conversational Century.  She served as Government and Politics Specialist for the social network Facebook for 5 years. Follow her adventures on Linkedin, Instagram, and (of course) Facebook.