Musical Theater Diplomacy with Erin Kamler

“Make your career your own. Be creative about the way you see the possibilities ahead of you. Nobody  else can define that for you. And, certainly, an academic title won’t necessarily be the key to having a successful career — that’s up to you and the creativity, innovation, and excitement you bring to your work.”



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ERIN KAMLER is an American writer, composer, and academic researcher who works at the intersection of feminist social justice and the arts.

Erin earned her Ph.D. from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, where her research focused on the trafficking and migration of women in Thailand and Burma, and using the arts as a tool for political communication and human rights witnessing. Conversationally fluent in the Thai language, she has conducted fieldwork with anti-trafficking NGOs, members of Thai and U.S. governments, female migrant laborers and trafficking survivors and has led projects in collaboration with community-based women’s organizations, and the U.S. State Department. Erin holds a Masters in Public Diplomacy from USC’s School of International Relations, a Masters in Communication Arts from USC’s Annenberg School and a Bachelors in music composition from Sarah Lawrence College. Currently, she works as an affiliated researcher at Chiang Mai University, and an international development consultant focusing on gender and conflict in Myanmar.