Cybersecurity with Megan Garcia

“Take the best opportunity at any given time, even if it’s not what you expected. It’s about being open to what is exciting to you and letting go of your expectation for yourself, even if it’s difficult.”

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MEGAN GARCIA is a bold, smart foreign policy practitioner in the field of cybersecurity. I wanted to know more about her experience working in foundations and think tanks so, after I met her at at a networking event, I asked if she would do an interview to shed some light on what its like to work in and transition between the two settings — but I feel like we get to know so much more! She gives us hints about what to do when you’re the only female in a room full of four star generals and I particularly love her advice on choosing work that challenges you.

Themes: cybersecurity, nuclear security, Capitol Hill, Silicon Valley, foundations, think tanks, graduate school

Takeaways: be flexible (in your career and in your thought process) and never pass up the opportunity to take on a challenge

Megan currently serves as Senior Fellow and Director of New America CA at the New America Foundation. You can follow her work at