Applying PhD to Policy with Rachel Gillum

“It’s complicated. Gender and race interact in different in different ways, in different contexts. Being a person of color in the foreign policy space… it can contribute to feeling imposter syndrome… its always a balance because you don’t want those thoughts to overwhelm you and shape the way you see everything.”




DR. RACHEL GILLUM is an expert on Muslim-American integration and government relations in the United States and the principal investigator of the Muslim-American National Opinion Survey (MANOS). She is a visiting scholar at Stanford University where she is working with a team of European and American scholars to develop innovative immigrant integration policy analysis tools.

Dr. Gillum is also Senior Director at RiceHadleyGates LLC, the strategic consulting firm led by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.   The firm assists CEOs and senior executives at major companies – many of them in Silicon Valley – to expand their businesses and meet regulatory challenges in key international markets including India, Russia, China, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Before joining RHG in 2014, Dr. Gillum served as a researcher at the RAND Corporation’s International Policy Center where she conducted analysis on terrorist recruitment strategies and operations in the Middle East, Africa, and the West. She was formerly a research assistant at the Department of Defense’s Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies. Dr. Gillum received her doctorate and M.A. degree from Stanford University where she studied international relations and comparative politics.

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