U.S. RDML Shoshana Chatfield and the NATO Military Committee

Happy 4th of July!

“Don’t get hung up on the things that seem monumental today. Get qualified, no matter what the business is.”


Rear Admiral SHOSHANA CHATFIELD is a U.S. Navy Officer who currently serves as U.S. Deputy Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee, where advice is sought prior to any authorization for military action representing the essential link between the political decision-making process and the military structure of NATO.

Her time in Navy helicopter operations included being the commander of west coast Helicopter Combat Support Squadrons, deploying in helicopter detachments to the Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf supporting Carrier Strike Group and Amphibious Ready Group Operations.  She also placed a high priority on her academics, which included receiving the Navy’s Political/Military (Pol-Mil) Scholarship and attending Kennedy School of Government for her Master of Public Administration from Harvard University.  Additionally, she served as assistant professor of political science at the United States Air Force Academy.

Themes: international security, multilateralism

Takeaways: “If you approach people with respect, you will get respect back.”

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