Working in war zones with Roxane Desrochers

“…other things, than just a career, will happen to you the minute you chose different paths. Just work, jump into it, get your hands dirty!”​

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ROXANE DESROCHERS grew up in a small francophone village in Quebec, Canada.  Since graduating with honours from the University of Ottawa, Roxane Desrochers has spent her life working and traveling throughout the globe.  Her first foreign assignment was in the Balkans, where she broke ground as a civilian working for the Canadian Armed Forces.  Later, she served several extended tours of duty in Afghanistan and also worked in the UAE and Cyprus on various assignment. She is now working in Brussels with NATO. Currently, Miss Desrochers works for NCIA in the office of the General Manager. In her free time, Roxane enjoys traveling and has literally circled the globe on adventures from the Pacific Rim to Africa.