Arctic Diplomacy with Gosia Smieszek

“Don’t be afraid to carve out your own path. The world today is changing so fast that… we should believe in ourselves to create opportunities. Trust in the value of what you are able to bring to the table.”   MALGORZATA (GOSIA)  SMIESZEK works as a researcher in the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland since 2013….

International Affairs in Yosemite with Jodi Bailey

Happy Earth Day! Subscribe to the #WomeninDiplomacy podcast to keep up with our Environmental Diplomacy series! “You can never be paid enough to do something you don’t enjoy.” JODI BAILEY is Manager of the International Affairs Program at Yosemite National Park. Featured photo: “Here I am with Engilbert Panil, a park ranger from Kinabalu Park…