The Women in Diplomacy Podcast

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The #WomeninDiplomacy podcast seeks to inspires more diverse voices in foreign policy through career mentorship.

WHY do we need a Women in Diplomacy podcast?


Public Diplomacy with KATHERINE BROWN

“Reach out, and be brave about it, don’t let everything come to you.”


Cybersecurity with MEGAN GARCIA

“Take the best opportunity at any given time, even if it’s not what you expected. It’s about being open to what is exciting to you and letting go of your expectation for yourself, even if it’s difficult.”


The Non-State Actor & Diplomacy with ELIZABETH LINDER

“It pains me when I hear young women say that because they don’t have anyone to wander around with, they feel like they should just stay in their hotel. I would so much rather take myself to a restaurant, settle into a table for one, and soak up the atmosphere while I’m working…. I have met the most fascinating people and had the most interesting discussions simply by ensuring that I’m part of the environment in which I’m spending my time.”


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