Workshop: Research

Research can be a big part of a diplomatic career and this episode digs deep to uncover some tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to surviving your biggest research challenges.


We have 3 very special guests (and co-podcasters) for this episode:


skeletonphotoCAROLYN SCHUBERT is an Assistant Professor and Health Sciences Librarian at James Madison University. Her and I met while studying abroad in college; she has a penchant for information and her love for the beauty of knowledge is contagious. Learn more about her work and even go study with her at James Madison University!



ERIK FOGG is a political pundit with an epic voice and a Masters in International Relations from MIT. Check out his blog, He has adventured in an out of management consulting and NGO work. Fogg of War, and his book, Wedged.



oapjkdfhfkiphjpnXANDER SNYDER is a classical music composer turned financier turned energy efficiency entrepreneur turned political thinker. He is a community organizer, co-founding the Los Angeles chapter of the pro Fourth Amendment Group, Restore the Fourth. He also created the political action blog Sinking Ark.




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