Women of NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an intergovernmental alliance that is both military and political of countries from north American and Europe who are committed to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic Treaty.

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The #WomenofNATO podcast series

A conversation with Ambassador Marriet Schuurman, NATO Special Representative for the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda 

“Trust who you are and don’t bother too much about what other people think. Trust your own strengths and just go for it.”




NATO Deputy Secretary General

“When you enter a room, never apologize.”




Conference Interpreter and Sports Diplomacy advocate

“It’s very important, especially now, that you dare to be yourself.”


NATO Communications and Information Agency with experience working in war zones

“There are other things that will happen in your life than just your career.”




NATO Spokesperson

“Seize opportunities when you see them, even though they may not seem like the thing you’ve always wanted.”




Head of the Counter-terrorism Section in the Emerging Security Challenges Division

“They need us; NATO needs a woman’s perspective on things, so come work with us!”




Our first series profiles the #WomenofNATO and their work around the world in advance of the 2016 Warsaw Summit.

Ms. Lone Kjelgaard, Senior Assistant Legal Advisor at Office of Legal Affairs


Canada Day episode! Ambassador Kerry Buck, from the Canadian Mission to NATO


4th of July episode! RDML Shoshana Chatfield, Deputy Military Representative in the US Military Representation to NATO


Ms. Jacqueline Dow, Executive Officer from Political Affairs


Ambassador Dragana Radulović, from the Mission of Montenegro to NATO



Our second series brings you to HQ in Brussels for details about the #WomenofNATO on the frontlines of the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. 

Public Diplomacy at NATO with Carmen Romero


LTC Magdalena Dvorakova, Gender Advisor for International Military Staff at NATO


France’s Ambassador to NATO, Helene Duchene


Advice from a NATO Diversity Officer with Tara Nordick


Canadian Foreign Service with Mary Pierre-Wade



Coming soon!

An interview with Catherine Gerth, NATO Archives and Information Management and how it ties into public diplomacy efforts

AND an interview with Dominique Mamet, NATO Staff Interpreter on the ins and outs of a career as a bilingual diplomat



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